MONEY FASHION POWER: Who are you wearing?

MONEY FASHION POWER just arrived to our school! It is the new fanzine launched by Fashion Revolution, an international organization founded after the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 that promotes actions to change the way the fashion industry works in order to halt the opacity, inequalities, unethical practices and environmental consequences that are today tied to its growth. 

Fashion Revolution opened a call for submissions to artists from all around the world and all disciplines to build this limited edition fanzine that brings together poets, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers and journalists to make an in-depth analysis of the true meaning of the low prices we pay for fashion products, but also the decisive power we all have as consumers.

Some of the contributors are poet Sasha Haines-Stiles, artist Tyler Spangler, illustrator Alex Jenkinsillustrator Alec Doherty, embroiderer Reena Makwana illustrator Rozalina Burkova, writer Alison Morse, photographer Ruth Roberts Varghese from Jacob’s Well, councious agencies Futerra and Novel Beings, artist Chrissie Abbott, activist blogger Holly Rose, the Craftivist Collective, fashion features director Tamsin Blanchard, and many others!

The participating artists explore the flows of money and power structures inside the fashion industry through different axes: garment workers low wages and live conditions, how our purchases either empower or exploit, the price we pay for cheap clothing, who are the people that make our clothes and, of course, how we can become fashion revolutionaries and push change!

The fanzine also introduces to the public GARMENT WORKER DIARIES, a one-year long research project done between Fashion Revolution and Microfinance Opportunities that narrates the daily lives of garment workers in Cambodia, Bangladesh and India.

This is a non-profit fanzine and all the proceeds will go to the Fashion Revolution movement so they can keep on working towards a fashion industry built on respect.

You can order your printed copy or read the digital version here. For our students: you can borrow it at our Media Library!