CLUB ENAMORA        by Henry Lardner & Kai Yulo

 I N T R O D U C T I O N

During our first point of contact with the Cruïlla team, the challenge that most resonated with us was “To make Cruïlla have an iconic presence in the musical panorama of Barcelona.” The opportunity of expanding Cruïlla’s presence within the city of Barcelona immediately made our minds start firing with ideas and directions we could go in, all based on our original desk research. One of our biggest inspirations was a TED Talk by publicist, strategist and music advocate Elizabeth Cawein. In the talk, Cawein dedicates her eighteen minutes to breaking down what makes a thriving music city; its characteristics, culture, benefits and core elements. One of her main points revolved around the fact that any city could become a music city. As soon as we heard this, we immediately asked ourselves: is Barcelona a music city? Could it be one if not? And what role could Cruïlla play in order to help Barcelona consolidate or achieve the music city status?

‘Music is about so much more than hits, those big, iconic moments that change everything. It connects us with other people as almost nothing else can, across language barriers, across social & cultural and economic divides.’

E L I Z A B E T H   C A W E I N

 W H A T   I S   C R U Ï L L A ?

Cruïlla is Barcelona’s locally-backed festival. Contrary to other big festivals that go on in the Catalan capital’s summer season, Festival Cruïlla is targeted specifically towards Barcelona natives and audiences from surrounding regions. With 76% of the crowds being from Barcelona, it’s clear to see why Cruïlla is directly representing Barcelona’s musical palette. However, Cruïlla doesn’t only represent its host city through its crowd’s denomination of origin, but through its values and spirit as well.

M A R K E T   A N A L Y S I S: C I T Y   S C O R E S 

In order to analyze and assess Barcelona’s core elements, we created a criteria called City Scores. Based on the following factors, the highest score per category is 5.

Authenticity & Quality: Criteria concerning the unique qualities of Barcelona’s core music city elements. This section takes into account
whether Barcelona holds a distinct or especially meritable position in any of its core elements.

Presence: Criteria concerning the abundance or contribution of Barcelona’s core music city elements. This section takes into account Whether Barcelona offers plenty of alternatives or opportunities for local and foreign talent in any of its core elements.

Value: Criteria concerning the effect of Barcelona’s core music city elements. This section takes into account whether any of Barcelona’s core elements provide an added value to its artists, citizens and music culture.

M A R K E T  A N A L Y S I S:


There is ample evidence of a dynamic music scene that spans across different genres and generations, yet it remains fractured and disconnected at heart. We also found that, although there are plenty of aspiring artists and songwriters, there is a lack of management and commercialization that is preventing the industry from truly growing.  In a city as diverse as this one, it is difficult to find a commonality or shared purpose that becomes a unifying factor for all its elements. However, considering its history, resources, and identity within the music scene, Cruïlla has the opportunity to become this unifying factor.

P R O P O S A L: 

C L U B   E N A M O R A

Concept – Club Enamora takes the shape of a subscription service to exclusive and groundbreaking live sessions in the unique nooks and crannies of Barcelona. For a monthly rate, subscribers will be able to claim entry to exclusive live concerts featuring new up and coming artists, established artists, and even high profile artists.

Visual Identity – Club Enamora’s visual identity will be fresh, mystical and intriguing. It will still maintain some key characteristics from Cruïlla’s branding, starting with the use of the word “Enamora”, which is taken directly from the festival’s slogan.

M A R K E T I N G   


Inspired by secret societies, speakeasy bars, creative hubs and hidden clubs, we want to make Club Enamora grow a tight-knit community in the most organic way possible. How will we achieve such a goal? With a secret password needed to unlock access to the Enamora App. The password? “TANGOPUNK.”

How do we get tangopunk into the vocabulary of Cruïlla’s most avid music enthusiasts? Through a campaign strategy within the festival involving visuals and live music as our channels.

T H E   A P P:  O U R   P R I M A R Y   T O U C H P O I N T

After sparking the interest of Cruïlla attendees through our in-festival marketing strategy, their first real interaction with Club Enamora is through the app. As our primary touchpoint, the Club Enamora app allows users to access everything they need to navigate the service. Think of it as your gateway to Club Enamora.


I N   S U M,

In prototyping Club Enamora, we wanted to fully test all of the service’s possibilities and appeals. In order to achieve this, we needed to test Club Enamora from three different angles: value, experience and implementation. After much iteration and learning, we came up with the final version of the app as seen in this document, which combines everything we have learned up to date on what provides a valuable experience.

This testing process was what guided us through creating a service that was attractive to new customers, enjoyable to be immersed in as an existing customer, and viable from a logistics perspective for Cruïlla and the future Club Enamora team.


Henry Lardner and Kai Yulo graduated  from Business Design (BA) in 2019.