Creatus Dominus: the design (counter) festival

This year’s theme, #somethingtoconfess, puts the focus on the backstage truth behind the design process


In its manifesto, Creatus Dominus defines itself as the first transversal, free and out of Barcelona creativity and design festival. It also claims to be addressed to the juniors and súniors (the segment between senior and junior), to prioritise proximity and trust between public and speakers, showing the design processes with transparency avoiding vanity and ego. Creatus Dominus is not about gurus or mythicising success, but to discuss the problems and real situations that design professionals face every day.  

In its fourth edition, it counts with more than 20 speakers and activities that go from design breakfasts to workshops, case studies, conferences and round tables. If you are a student, don’t miss the opportunity to join its Portfolio battle in which you can show your work to all the attendees and speakers, register here


PROGRAM (read here about the speakers)



Design and happiness Álvaro Sobrino.

Food & Retail Design – Estanislau Puig

PechaKucha – Daniel González, Quintí Casals and La Conseguidora

Case StudioLara Costafreda.



Errores, #algoqueconfesar Lluc Massaguer and Xavier Alamany.

GamingEva María José, Carlos Díaz, Bernat López and Richard Herbert

AutobrandingJordi Dalmau and Dani Trujillo

Start (me) upYolanda Tarago and Cris Busquets. 

Non-visual Communication Núria Casas, Jordi Robirosa, Ana Polo. 



Para ser un buen diseñador no basta con saber diseñar –  Jaume Mendieta

Tipografía vs Lettering vs Caligrafía Juanjo López

Robotica – 

Caligrafía – Keith Adams



WHEN: 29th and 30th September

HOW: Free with registration here

WHERE: Casa de Cultura de Sant Cugat del Vallès