Blau Orgàsmic takes part in the Ecodisseny Awards 2017!

The project by our Business Design student Ioana Crasovan participates in the awards held by L’Agència Catalana de Residus




The Catalunya Ecodisseny Awards 2017 seek for projects that use design as an environmental and social change agent and are divided into four categories: Product Design, Product under Development, Strategy and Young Design. Blau Orgàsmic, a project by our Business Design student Ioana Crasovan, participates in the Young Design section inside the Product under Development category. Four more projects made by IED Barcelona students have been submitted. As Blau Orgàsmic, all of them help reduce the serious deterioration of the oceans and enhance environmental consciousness giving ghost fishing nets a new life inside the Circular Economy framework. 

You can read all the details about Blau Orgàsmic here and about the other three submitted projects here.

Congratulations and good luck to Ioana and all the other students!