The students worked with Cruïlla for their final thesis

The Business Design students worked with Cruïlla for their final project, presenting various proposals to the Festival’s Director

Mariya Hristeva during part of her presentation.


The 3rd year students from our IED Diploma in Business Design presented their final thesis last week. At the beginning of the year they received a detailed brief from Cruïlla, a music festival that takes place every summer in Barcelona. The goal for the students was to create a proposal with the following challenges:

  • To make Cruïlla have an iconic presence in the musical panorama of Barcelona.
  • Strengthen the branding of the festival, taking advantage of all the channels (offline and online).
  • Clearly define and communicate Cruïlla’s essence and its differentiation with respect to other Festivals.
  • To become the first 0 plastic Festival.


Yasmin Tezdzhan during part of her presentation.


The students worked in groups of two and approached the issue from different perspectives. Finally, three of the five proposals were selected to be presented in front of the client at Cruïlla’s offices.

  • Kai Yulo and Henry Lardner – The main asset of their strategy was “Club Enamora”, a very sophisticated and exclusive community inspired by secret societies and hidden clubs. An app would be the primary touchpoint with the public, but in order to access you would need to figure out the secret password. Do not worry, the Festival will be filled with clues!
  • Mariya Hristeva  and Giorgia Zani – They reinvented the general communication of Cruïlla, understanding that it is much more than a music event. Their proposal was to connect with customers in a more direct and emotional way. “Cruïlla dels Talents” would be an annual online contest that challenges young creatives in Barcelona.
  • Yasmin Tezdzhan and Angela Perini – They wanted to position Cruïlla as one of the leading music festivals from an environmental point of view. One of their proposals was the “Green Ticket”, a greener alternative for the festival goers who want to enjoy Cruïlla in a more sustainable and ethical way.


Kai Yulo showing a prototype of their app.


Jordi Herreruela, the Director of Cruïlla Festival, was impressed with the solutions proposed by the students and their professionalism. They even admitted to have considered some of the ideas during their strategic meetings at the office, which strongly encouraged the students to keep up with their hard work.


Jordi Herreruela, Director of Cruïlla, on the right side of the image.


We want to thank the Cruïlla team for their involvement and their help throughout the year. They provided information to the students when needed and guided them with suggestions during the research and development phases. We hope they enjoyed the process as much as us!


Lastly, Kai Yulo and Henry Lardner deserve a special mention, since they were the winners of the Best Thesis Award given by the Management and Design Strategies School (IED Barcelona). Congratulations! We are happy to have such talented and creative students.